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Altra Superior 4

This is the Altra Superior 4.0. We loved the Superior 1.5, but were disappointed with the 3.0. In our opinion, it had too much cushioning, particularly for a trail shoe and this reduced its stability. The upper was comfortable rather than sleek and the weight (for a standard size 8) 279g.

The Superior 4.0 is way better. The weight of each shoe has reduced to 224g – that’s significant. This seems to be due to a slightly thinner midsole (Altra’s Quantic foam) and a sleeker, stretchier (Altra call it knitted) upper. We particularly like the wrap-around (burrito) tongue. The shoe retains its 4 gaiter points. Of no use to us, but they have become part of the shoe’s character.

The outsole has not changed, it works. It’s smooth on tarmac and the 4mm lugs provide reasonable grip for light trail. The protrusion at the rear of the heel is retained. It’s meant to act as a rudder to aid control on steep descents, but, as previously, we can’t say we’re aware of its assistance. There’s also a removable rock plate under the sockliner (which you only really need for sharp rocky terrain and otherwise simply adds weight).

Wear and Tear:

I’ve run 100+ miles of trail and tarmac in this shoe and there are no signs of wear-and-tear.


A return to form, this is the legitimate offspring of the first Superior.  It’s light, comfortable, natural-foot friendly and suitable for non-technical trails and road running too. 88/100


Weight – 224g – (UK size 8)
Midsole – Depth 21mm. Zero-drop
Outsole – Rows of rectangular 4mm lugs across foot
Insole – Standard and removable. Removable rock plate
Flexibility – High
Fitting – Wide toebox. Natural foot-shaped last. Comes up small – order half to one size up (standard Altra sizes) 

AltraFits Correct ToesNatural Foot ShapedRoadUncategorizedZero-drop

Altra Solstice

The Altra Solstice is the best minimal road shoe available at the moment. It weighs only 196g, yet has enough structure to hold the foot in place well. It’s also very resilient – I’ve trained...

AltraFits Correct ToesNatural Foot ShapedTrailZero-drop

Altra Superior 3.5

This is most recent incarnation of the Superior. In our review of the Superior 1.5, Sam argued that the 3.0 was no match for the earlier model. Is the 3.5 any better? In short, while it is foot-shaped,...

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Altra Vanish-R

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AltraFits Correct ToesNatural Foot ShapedTrailZero-drop

Altra Superior 1.5

The most recent incarnation of the Superior – the 3 – is a very different beast from this one, the 1.5, and in my mind, no match. What’s so good about this earlier model? I explain below.. When...