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Vivobarefoot Hydra ESC

The latest VB trail shoe. Following in the footsteps of the Neo Trail, Breatho, Primus, and the Swimrun. The number one criticism of VB trail shoes is upper durability. But this shoe is bullet-proof.

The upper has a polyurethane (with 20% bio corn) cage which reduces wear and tear. My shoes are as good as new 225 miles in.

The Mitchelin sole has lugs up to 7mm deep. This is because the bottom of the outsole is flat, rather than curved, so the outer lugs are deep. While this gives great grip, this signficantly adds to the shoe’s weight. It is noticably heavy when running fast.

Wear and Tear:

I’ve run 225 miles of trail and some tarmac in this shoe and there are no signs of wear-and-tear.


Noticably heavy for racing, but durable, quick drying and fun. 90/100


Weight – 338g – (UK size 9)
Midsole – None. Zero-drop
Outsole – Michelin with up to 7mm lugs
Insole – Standard and removable.
Flexibility – High
Fitting – Wide toebox. Natural foot-shaped last.

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Altra Superior 4

This is the Altra Superior 4.0. We loved the Superior 1.5, but were disappointed with the 3.0. In our opinion, it had too much cushioning, particularly for a trail shoe and this reduced its stability. The...

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Altra Solstice

The Altra Solstice is the best minimal road shoe available at the moment. It weighs only 196g, yet has enough structure to hold the foot in place well. It’s also very resilient – I’ve trained...

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Vivobarefoot Primus Lite

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite is too good-looking! Its pure white looks are amazing, tempting you to save it for Sunday best. But, it is great to run in too. The road sibling of the trail shoe brothers...

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Vivobarefoot Primus Swimrun

The Primus Swimrun is the perfect marriage of the Primus Trail FG (firm ground) and SG (soft ground). I liked both of these shoes, but my concerns with each are answered in this beautiful combination....

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Altra Superior 3.5

This is most recent incarnation of the Superior. In our review of the Superior 1.5, Sam argued that the 3.0 was no match for the earlier model. Is the 3.5 any better? In short, while it is foot-shaped,...

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Altra Vanish-R

This is the Altra shoe I’d been waiting for. Zero-drop, foot-shaped but also thin-soled (14mm) and with an incredibly minimal upper. There was a real buzz on the web about this shoe for these...

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Inov8 Trailtalon 235 women’s

The Trailtalon 235 is Inov8’s current most minimal shoe, with a 4mm drop, similar to the much-loved – but no longer available – Trailroc 236 and 245. Happily, it’s a worthy replacement,...

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Altra Superior 1.5

The most recent incarnation of the Superior – the 3 – is a very different beast from this one, the 1.5, and in my mind, no match. What’s so good about this earlier model? I explain below.. When...

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Inov8 Trailtalon 235

The Trailtalon 235 is Inov8’s current most minimal shoe. It is a suitable replacement for those who loved the Trailroc 235 or 245 and the Terraclaw 220. It differs from those shoes because the sole is...